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Lion’s Den Booking Service is an elite sales team seasoned with industry knowledge waiting to take your moving company to the next level.

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Whether your moving company is large or small - Lion’s Den


Lion’s Den was built by professional movers, for professional movers. Based in Central Florida, we are a technology company that saw a huge need for a comprehensive platform designed specifically for the residential and commercial moving and storage industry. Lion’s Den is run on MoveitPro Software - a simple, yet powerful all-in-one online solution, that can be used through any internet connection on any computer to make your moving operations easier to manage. Your data is never lost, and will always be available from anywhere you have internet access.  MoveitPro™ continues to evolve to become even more powerful.

How will Lion’s Den use MoveitPro™ to make my moving company smart?

MoveitPro™ is a completely hosted platform, built on scalable cloud architecture, that is fully redundant and secure. At MoveitPro™, they have developed a core product that we believe is the most powerful, yet the simplest web-based application for any moving and storage company to use. It is a promise that they will continue to offer better features and more resources than any of their competitors.

How can Lion’s Den bring value to my moving company?: 


  • URGENT LEAD RESPONSE: Open 7 days a week and up to 14 hours a day, Lion’s Den is sure to catch every urgent lead that comes into your system, leading to more deals booked before your competitors!
  • ESTIMATES: Supported by MoveitPro Software, Lion’s Den is able to create accurate estimates based on the settings that you provide, specific to your company.
  • FILL YOUR SCHEDULE: After taking an accurate itemized inventory, we will go over the estimate and answer any questions. We are also capable of taking deposits and placing them right on your dispatch page within MoveitPro.
  • LEAD FOLLOW-UP: We have an automated, proven follow-up system in place with SMS, calling, and email capabilities to ensure that no lead is neglected.
  • EMPLOYEE TURNOVER: Tired of training sales reps on estimating just to have them leave and have to start all over? With Lion’s Den, you never have to worry about hiring a sales team again. We do the hiring and training for you.

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The leading booking service for the moving industry - Lion’s Den is waiting to take your company to the top of the food chain.

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